Full reward subsidy policy for hydrogen energy vehicle toll trialed in Ordos
investordos.goinnermongolia.com.cn | Updated: Jun 07, 2024

On June 1, 2024, the first full reward subsidy policy for hydrogen energy vehicle toll was officially implemented in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

The policy details that for hydrogen energy vehicles passing through toll stations in Ordos, the entire collected toll will be refunded after the following month's review. The trial period spans two years to June 1, 2026.

The Notice of the Ordos Municipal Transportation Bureau on Issuing the Implementation Plan for Reward Subsidy Toll for Hydrogen Energy Vehicles clearly stipulates the specific requirements for vehicle information summary review, vehicle information input, toll settlement, and more.

Based on the reviewed information, a "Hydrogen Energy Vehicle White List" will be generated by the Ordos Toll Road Service Center and distributed to all toll road operating enterprises in the city to ensure that relevant vehicles can benefit from the policy within the specified time.

The trial implementation of the policy will help operating enterprises trim toll fees. It is expected to further encourage cross-regional operation of hydrogen vehicles and accelerate the promotion and application of hydrogen vehicles, thereby stimulating the driving force behind the hydrogen industry and providing a new way to promote the sound growth of the hydrogen industry.


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