Advancements in green development: success stories from Inner Mongolia Jungar Economic Development Zone
Updated: Mar 18, 2024

In recent years, the Inner Mongolia Jungar Economic Development Zone has successfully integrated technological innovation and industrial development, achieving significant progress in green development. 

Inner Mongolia Highland Almond Dew Co, located in the zone, has experienced continuous growth in production and sales despite the decline of the country's beverage market. This success is attributed to the company's increased investment in technological innovation.

In 2023, the company won the Excellent Award in the Inner Mongolia division of the 12th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and entered the national competition with its innovative technology for preparing fruit juice beverages using dried fruit extraction.

"The advantage of this technology is the use of dried fruit as raw material. Through innovative processes such as enzymatic hydrolysis, physical extraction and aseptic filling, it effectively retains the nutritional components of the fruit and prevents nutrient loss," explained its deputy general manager Zhang Zhihua.

The company attaches great importance to technological innovation. Since its establishment twenty years ago, it has collaborated with prestigious universities such as the Beijing Forestry and Fruit Academy and China Agricultural University to continuously innovate around wild almond resources, fully leveraging technological innovation as the "key variable" for high-quality development and transforming it into the "greatest increment".

"Up to now, we have developed over 20 products, including almond dew fruit juice beverages, and obtained 25 patents. We have also participated in a major scientific and technological project of Ordos, as well as two science and technology plan projects of Inner Mongolia, and one banner-level science and technology plan project," said Zhang.

The coal gangue, once considered as a pollutant, has undergone a transformation in the zone, becoming a popular inorganic non-metallic new material nationwide with the support of technological innovation.

Inner Mongolia Yuhua New Technology Materials Co is a company specializing in the research and production of solid waste. Since its completion and production in the zone in 2020, the company has conducted in-depth research on the local coal gangue in Jungar Banner.

After more than 100 repeated experiments, it developed the high-quality M45 Molochite. With its excellent quality, the product quickly captured the markets in Tianjin, Hunan, Shandong, Jiangsu, Henan, Fujian and Guangdong, achieving full coverage in the eastern and central regions of China.

"This year, the annual order task is quite tight. Only by operating at full capacity can we meet the needs of downstream customers," said Zhao Shengrong, general manager of the company.

In Zhao's view, science and technology are the backbone supporting the company's development. The rapid capture of the domestic market by the independently developed M45 Molycat is due to the company's ability to overcome difficulties, master core production technology, and produce high-quality products that meet market demands.

He said that in 2024, the company will further expand its production scale and increase its research and development efforts based on the sustained growth in market demand, utilizing the solid waste in the area to produce more high-quality products.

In recent years, the Inner Mongolia Jungar Economic Development Zone has continued to deepen its cooperation with top universities and institutions, actively establishing a platform for industry-university-research cooperation to promote the deep integration of scientific and technological innovation with industrial development.

As of now, two national key laboratories and engineering research centers have been established, along with 17 high-tech enterprises, three post-doctoral workstations, and 13 autonomous region-level laboratories and engineering technology research centers.

The 128 enterprises in the area have accumulated 659 technical patents and transformed 107 scientific and technological achievements.

A series of new products and technologies with independent intellectual property rights have become the core competitiveness for companies to establish themselves in the market, injecting a continuous strong driving force into the green and high-quality development of the Jungar Economic Development Zone.

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