Ordos: Role model in ecology-prioritized green development
Updated: Jan 29, 2024

Ordos was selected among the seventh batch of national ecological civilization construction demonstration zones on Oct 10, 2023, a significant step forward for the city in promoting high-quality ecological protection. 

Ecological progress bears on the well-being of the people and the future of the nation. Ordos maintains a strategic commitment to strengthening ecological civilization construction, firmly embracing the concept that "lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets", and conducting holistic conservation and systematic governance of mountains, waters, forests, farmlands, lakes, grasslands and deserts.

The city considers the construction of ecological civilization systems the core of advancing ecological civilization. By continuously improving the ecological environment, enhancing the diversity, stability and sustainability of its ecosystems, and elevating happiness and satisfaction of its people, Ordos has embarked on a path of civilized development characterized by increased production, higher living standards and healthy ecosystems.

To improve the ecological environment is to develop productivity. In the pursuit of high-quality growth, Ordos has focused on environmental protection and the creation of a livable city, with its achievements having been widely recognized.

Projects such as the Three-North Shelterbelt Forest Program and soil and water conservation initiatives have increased the vegetation coverage in the Kubuqi Desert from less than 3 percent to 65 percent. The promotion of the "10 Major Actions", the comprehensive management of the "10 Major Storm Drains", and the rigorous implementation of the "River Chief" system have safeguarded the ecological bottom line of the Yellow River.

Sticking to energy transition-based industrial transformation, Ordos has vigorously developed the entire new energy industrial chains featuring wind, photovoltaic and hydrogen power, power storage and new energy vehicles, and introduced and cultivated other strategic emerging industries. The city has further promoted the nationwide battle to prevent and control pollution, continuously worked to keep skies blue, waters clear and lands clean, and led the nation in achieving zero discharge of high-salinity water in the coal chemical industry.

By unprecedented efforts, the city is steadfastly advancing ecological civilization construction and shouldering the responsibility of building a green wall on China's northern frontier.

The construction of ecological civilization is an ongoing and unremitting endeavor that cannot be accomplished overnight. Bearing in mind the top priorities of the country, adhering to people-oriented eco-protection, ensuring stronger ecological conservation across the board, and promoting all-around green transformation, Ordos will provide more high-quality ecological products and function as a role model in ecology-prioritized green development.

Being selected among the seventh batch of national ecological civilization construction demonstration zones is a new starting point for Ordos to write a new chapter of environmental protection. Seizing this opportunity and momentum, the city will forge ahead with determination, firmly embarking on the path of high-quality growth which prioritizes eco-environmental conservation and green development.

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