Ordos industrial internet platform starts operation
chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: Jan 29, 2024


The Ordos Industrial Internet Platform is launched at the Ordos Industrial Internet Developers Conference, held on Jan 20. [Photo/Nuan News]

The Ordos Industrial Internet Platform was jointly launched by the Ordos municipal government and China's high-tech giant Huawei at the Ordos Industrial Internet Developers Conference, held on Jan 20.

This marks Ordos' official entry into the era of artificial intelligence (AI) mega models.

This is also Inner Mongolia's first industrial internet platform based on an industrial AI mega model.

The platform's core is the "Kuanghong" operating system, which was jointly developed by Huawei and China Energy Investment Group. The city plans to integrate domestic AI computing power, AI mega models for the mining industry, AI algorithm model development platforms, application development platforms, big data, and IoT technologies into a comprehensive industry platform that encompasses "production, study, research, and application".

During the conference, 18 domestic AI partners, 16 "Kuanghong" partners, and 10 mining companies signed agreements to join the platform.

By leveraging the platform, the operators will collaborate with partners and mining companies to address prominent issues within the mining industry. This includes the continuous enhancement of safety management, production and operational management, process optimization, and decision support.

This will lead to improved mining productivity, reduced safety risks, optimized energy usage, and improved digital and intelligent capabilities within the industry. These results will lay a solid foundation for the high-quality development of the local coal industry.

The platform will gradually expand from the mining sector to other industrial domains, empowering industrial transformation and upgrading through digital technology.

According to the plan, within three years, the platform aims to attract over 100 partners, serve more than 260 enterprises, and achieve breakthroughs in over 300 innovative applications.

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