Sulige Economic Development Zone
Updated: Jan 26, 2024

The Sulige Economic Development Zone in Ordos is a top-tier development zone within the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, comprising the Sulige Industrial Park and the Nalinhe Industrial Park. 

It has been designated as a national pilot unit for "Incremental Distribution Business Reform" and a national-level "Smart Chemical Park Pilot Demonstration Unit".

The zone has attracted 56 companies, implemented 65 industrial projects, and achieved a cumulative industrial fixed asset investment of 142.8 billion yuan.

It has established production capacities for major industrial products, including 38 million tons of raw coal, 6.45 million tons of methanol, two million tons of olefins, 2.55 million tons of urea, and 700,000 tons of liquefied natural gas.

Sulige Industrial Park

The Sulige Industrial Park, established in 2001, oversees three industrial project clusters within an area of 58.8 square kilometers. Its main industries are energy chemicals and new materials.

The park has production capacities for major products such as raw coal, polyolefins, methanol, urea, and LNG, and has developed six major industrial chains. It aims to become an "ecological, innovative, and smart" park, focusing on the modern coal chemical and clean energy industries while nurturing new materials, fine chemicals, and energy conservation and environmental protection and promoting the development of modern service industries.

Nalinhe Industrial Park

The Nalinhe Industrial Park, approved by the People's Government of Ordos in 2005, covers 22.16 square kilometers and focuses on chemical engineering and efficient coal usage.

The park has production capacities for major products like raw coal, methanol, urea, and LNG. It has established coal-to-methanol, coal-to-ammonia-to-urea, and natural gas-to-LNG industrial chains.

It aims to develop the modern coal chemical industry as well as coal-based co-production with salt and alkali, and support cogeneration, hydrogen energy, environmental protection, and modern logistics.

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