Ordos Otog Banner Economic Development Zone
Updated: Jan 26, 2024

The Ordos Otog Banner Economic Development Zone is a top-tier development zone in the region, composed of Mengxi Industrial Park and Qipanjing Industrial Park. It has become a national-level industrial zone circular transformation demonstration pilot and passed circular economy standardization acceptance, receiving over 80 million yuan in financial support. 

The industrial and value chains in the zone are transitioning from mid-to-low-end to high-end development, with coal resource processing evolving into a downstream fine chemical industry cluster.

Mengxi Industrial Park

Approved for construction by the People's Government of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in 2001, Mengxi Industrial Park has a planned area of 45.1 square kilometers. By the end of 2021, it had reached 25.09 square kilometers with a total fixed asset investment of 58.46 billion yuan.

The park's main industries are new materials and fine chemicals, with established circular industrial chains including coal chemical, chlor-alkali chemical, and special metallurgy. These chains encompass coal-coking-fine chemicals (methanol, hydrogenation of benzene, organic pigments), coal-electricity-aluminum (alumina)-building materials, limestone-electricity-PVA/PVC, and others.

The park is focused on developing green coking, new materials, and fine chemical industry clusters to promote the sustainable development of traditional industries and the consolidation of strategic emerging industry clusters.

Qipanjing Industrial Park

Qipanjing Industrial Park has a planned area of 42.38 square kilometers. By the end of 2021, 25.84 square kilometers were completed, with a total fixed asset investment of 128.39 billion yuan.

Its primary industries are energy chemicals and emerging industries. The park has established an installed power capacity of 3.08 million kilowatts and various production capacities for coal, coking, silicon-based alloys, polycrystalline silicon, calcium carbide, caustic soda, PVC, urea, methanol, and cement.

It has formed industrial chains including coal chemical, chlor-alkali chemical, natural gas chemical, coal-electricity-metallurgy, three-waste recycling, and modern logistics supply, aiming to upgrade traditional industries and develop energy chemicals and emerging industries.

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