Ordos Meng-Su Economic Development Zone
Updated: Jan 26, 2024

The Ordos Meng-Su Economic Development Zone, a top-tier development zone in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, comprises Shengyuan Industrial Park, Jiangsu Industrial Park, and Ejin Horoo Banner Logistics Park. 

Currently, it hosts 127 companies with their combined investment reaching 243.3 billion yuan, including eight new energy companies, 23 coal-to-electricity and coal chemical companies, 28 equipment manufacturing companies, 28 coal logistics companies, and 25 others.

The zone's cumulative industrial output value has reached 144.8 billion yuan, with a tax revenue of 22.2 billion yuan.


Jiangsu Industrial Park

Jiangsu Industrial Park

Jiangsu Industrial Park was established in 2012, with a planned construction area of 30.59 square kilometers. By the end of 2021, an area of 12.03 square kilometers had been completed, with a cumulative fixed asset investment of 16.14 billion yuan.

The park's leading industries are clean energy and new materials. It has established an annual production capacity of 500,000 cutting picks, one million conveyor belt rollers, four million anchor rods, ten million sets of support materials, 350,000 rubber hoses, 100,000 square meters of protective nets, 180,000 individual supports, 40 sets of complete mechanized mining equipment, 1,700 hydraulic supports and valves, 2,400 large-scale coal washing equipment, 1,000 underground rubber-tired vehicles, 1,400 various construction machinery, 123,000 kilometers of cables, 33,000 tons of steel structure color plates, 60 sets of large-scale mining equipment maintenance, 12 sets of continuous mining equipment, 36 sets of excavation equipment, 50 sets of drilling and anchoring machines, and 4,500 hydraulic supports.

The industrial park has set up a mining machinery manufacturing and maintenance industrial chain in the east, and a complete industrial chain for "Wind-Light-Hydrogen Energy Storage Vehicle" in the west, including +10.5GWh power and energy storage batteries, fuel cell stacks, a photovoltaic industry, and hydrogen fuel vehicle manufacturing.

Shengyuan Industrial Park 

Shengyuan Industrial Park, established in 2015, has a planned area of 29.21 square kilometers, with 16.89 square kilometers completed by 2021. Its fixed assets investment has reached 45.79 billion yuan.

The park's main industries are coal power and coal chemical, producing various oil products, coal-based natural gas, raw coal, coke, magnesium alloy and washed coal. It generates 11.52 billion kWh of electricity annually.

It focuses on coal-based polygeneration, fine chemicals, clean energy, and circular economy integration, and aims to become a top clean energy export base and a new coal chemical industry demonstration site in the region.

Ejin Horoo Banner Logistics Park

Ejin Horoo Banner Logistics Park, composed of Zazak Logistics Park and Ejin Horoo Banner Coal Logistics Park, focuses on logistics and related industries.

Zazak Logistics Park was planned in 2009 and designated as a top-tier development zone in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region in 2011. Ejin Horoo Banner Coal Logistics Park, established in 2016, oversees over 60 percent of the local coal mines' railway transportation and sales.

The park has completed the construction of two 30-megawatt generating units, producing approximately 500 million kWh annually. It also operates four 12,500-kilowatt ferroalloy production ore heat furnaces with an annual capacity of 45,000 tons and an annual coal transportation capacity of 15 million tons.

Additionally, it is in the process of constructing 160 monocrystalline furnaces with an annual production of 4GW monocrystalline silicon wafers and 4GW monocrystalline photovoltaic modules.

It is constructing two sets of three million-ton screening equipment, a set of three million-ton washing equipment, and a set of 500,000-ton fully automatic coal slurry drying equipment, with an annual coal trading and settlement scale of ten million tons.

The park is designed as an eco-friendly modern logistics hub centered around the coal storage and distribution, integrating modern logistics such as bulk cargo storage and distribution, equipment storage and transportation, production, container yards, and new energy industries.

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