Ordos High-tech Development Zone
Updated: Jan 26, 2024


Ordos High-tech Development Zone

The Ordos High-tech Development Zone, the only national-level development zone in the city, focuses on information technology, emerging industries, equipment manufacturing, and light textiles.

In 2021, it obtained approval as the National Clean Energy International Innovation Park and the National Small and Micro Enterprise Entrepreneurship and Innovation Demonstration Base. It has introduced over 20 innovative research and development platforms, including 10 autonomous region-level key laboratories and one academician's workstation.

The zone has also established a national-level technology enterprise incubator, a national mass innovation space, and three entrepreneurship parks.

Ordos Hi-Tech Industrial Park 

In May 2011, the Ordos Hi-Tech Industrial Park construction was planned. It was approved as the autonomous region level high-tech development zone in October of the same year. In February 2017, it was upgraded to a national high-tech industrial development zone. Covering 639 mu, it has attracted 22 high-tech enterprises and 14 autonomous regional-level enterprise research and development centers.

The park has constructed six data centers and an eight-square-kilometer science and education incubation park, and is in the process of building additional standardized data centers. It has also established various advanced projects in coal-based new materials, environmental protection, and biopharmaceuticals.

Additionally, it hosts a national-level technology enterprise incubator, university student entrepreneurship parks, an overseas student entrepreneurship park, a science and technology entrepreneurship park, an academician expert workstation, and 20 other research institutions.

The park's goal is to create a city-wide scientific and technological innovation service platform, focusing on large-scale data computing, high-tech research, and development. 

Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park

The Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park, approved in 2007 and upgraded to an autonomous regional level industrial park in 2019, has attracted a total fixed asset investment of 32.471 billion yuan.

It specializes in equipment manufacturing and has the capacity to produce 150,000 passenger cars, 150,000 engines, 150,000 transmissions, 10,000 special vehicles, 200 sets of fans, 60,000 tons of pressure vessels, and 60,000 LNG cylinders. The park also hosts the world's second 5.5th generation LCD production line, with a monthly output of 68,000 glass substrates.

It has formed five major leading industrial sectors of electronic product manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, energy equipment manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection, and new materials.

The park aims to become the city's hub for high-end equipment manufacturing and services, focusing on the new energy vehicles, energy chemical equipment, and electronic information industries.

Light Textile Industry Park

Established in 2013 through the integration of the Dongsheng Economic Development Zone, Ordos Science and Technology Education Entrepreneurship Park, and Ordos Modern Cashmere Industry Park, the Light Textile Industry Park has a planned area of 15.49 square kilometers, with 10.6 billion yuan in fixed asset investment.

The park specializes in the light textile industry, boasting key capacities such as an annual production of ten million cashmere products valued at 142.07 billion yuan, positioning Erdos as a leading brand in the Chinese textile and garment industry. It also has significant capacities in liquor production, electricity transmission, silicon carbide production, pharmaceuticals, and food processing.

The park has developed four major industrial sectors, with a focus on developing the apparel and textile industry and expanding into liquor, food, and biopharmaceutical industrial chains.

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